Commissions and features


PAW Media has a proud tradition of producing quality television content for both local and far reaching audiences. Titles such as Bush Mechanics, Manyu Wana, Night Patrol and Aboriginal Rules have all been produced by PAW Media and Communications (previously known as Warlpiri Media Association).

A key objective of PAW Media's video arm is to create significant documentaries produced for local distribution, as well as for regional or national broadcasters. Productions are in Aboriginal languages and consistent with cultural protocols. These larger productions always tell stories Yapa way - that is the voice of the story is grounded from a strong local Aboriginal perspective. The Coniston Massacre documentary project, which is currently under way, is a good example of this approach. Here, the most important Warlpiri and Anmatjere event of the last 100 years is being told using testimony shared by first and second generation survivors.

PAW Media has solid experience operating as a professional local production company and facility. Many commissioned productions are created for a broad range of clients tapping into PAW Media's extensive local knowledge and capacity to produce high value video productions covering the Tanami region and Central Australia.


In 2010 PAW Media produced Here at Home which was commissioned as part of a series of Territory wide community profile stories for FaHCSIA. This piece was scripted, filmed and edited in Yuendumu using local Aboriginal crew in conjunction with contracted video training supervisors. Prior examples of commissioned productions include:

  • Stop Domestic Violence Campaign (Video, Radio and Print) for Central Desert Shire. 2010
  • Welcome to Country for Tanami Newmont Operation. 2010
  • Yantarra (about domestic violence) for the Yuendumu Women's Centre. 2006
  • Kula-nyampuju ngaju-nyangu (about the Interpreter Service) for the Aboriginal Interpreter Service. 2005
  • Shout It Loud for the NT Department of Health and Community Services. 2005
  • Mangarri Panu for the Dept of Health and Ageing. 2004
  • Arrkantele (Kaytete version of Manyu Wana) for the Institute of Aboriginal Development. 2001

PAW Media and Communications is open to discussing new commissioned productions to create distinctive local content while maintaining correct cultural protocols when filming on country. Please email the PAW Media General Manager to discuss further.


  • Aboriginal Rules. Shown on ABC. 2007
  • Bush Mechanics 4 part series. Coproduction with ABC. 2001
  • Teddy Briscoe. Coproduction with CAAMA Productions. 2000
  • Bush Mechanics (1/2 hour production). Shown on ABC. 1998
  • Night Patrol (Munga Wardingki Partu). Coproduction with CAAMA. 1997
  • Jardiwarnpa (part of the Blood Brothers series). Coproduction with SBS. 1992
  • Manyu Wana series. Shown on SBS. 1989-1992.