Terms of usage

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Hiring eligibility

The room is available for hire for meetings, workshops, training and associated activities that are for the benefit of Yuendumu community members. The room is not available for hire for commercial activities.

PAW Media may refer a room hire request to the PAW Media Board before granting approval for the room hire, where the usage could potentially harm the reputation of PAW Media in its member communities, or be not in accord with it's community benefit responsibilities.

Room usage protocols

  • No school aged children or children 2-5.
  • No food or drink at computers.
  • No smoking (see below).
  • Children 2 and under must have clean nappies, must be in strollers or on lap, and if on lap, must not play with keyboards, mice or computers.
  • Dirty nappies must be changed in the women's toilet and not in the training room. Dirty nappies must be disposed of in the nappy waste containers in the women's toilets.

Software provision

No software is permitted to be installed on the supplied computers under any circumstances.

If is is likely that the training will require access to utility software such as Flash, Adobe Acrobat, etc, the hirer is responsible for providing PAW Media with a list of the required utility software and versions required at least two weeks before the booked start date.  Depending on the version required, PAW Media may not be able to guarantee compatibility of the utility software with the Mac OSX version used on the training room computers.

An additional fee will be charged where PAW Media needs to upgrade computers beyond a reasonable expectation. Given distance and timing it may not be possible for PAW Media to upgrade computers.

Hirers providing training in specialised software should supply their own computers with the software preloaded, and where Internet access is required, supplied computers should be able to connect via wireless. No ethernet access is available.

PAW Media is not responsible for failure of hirer supplied computers to connect to the wireless network.

Non-smoking policy

There is a strict non-smoking policy for the training room, toilets and verandah area. Anyone wishing to smoke should do so on the northern grassed area of the training room grounds and away from any windows opening onto that area.

Cleaning and cleaning fees

The room and toliets are to be left in a reasonable state of cleanliness, with catering and training waste placed in the supplied garbage containers.

PAW Media reserves the right to charge additional cleaning fees for the room usage where  food, drink and other waste are left on the floor or benches, or where toilets are in an unreasonable condition.

Noise management

The training room is adjacent to PAW Media office areas. We ask that trainers and meeting facilitators recognise that noise from people congregating under the verandah area in break times, can cause disturbance to PAW Media workers, and wherever possible people should be  encouraged to use the northern side of the training area for break times.

Any outdoor exercises or activities need to be held on the northern side of the training room.


The hirer is responsible at the completion of the activity or at the end of the day for:

  • Turning off power points, lights, air-conditioning and urns
  • Closing windows
  • Locking the women's toliet door
  • Locking the entrance door
  • Returning keys if applicable
  • Checking off PAW Media equipment with the relevant PAW Media staff member
  • Reporting any damage

Payment policy

  • The hire deposit is to be paid fourteen (14) days in advance by EFT.
  • PAW Media will issue a Tax Invoice. Fees include GST.
  • Failure to pay the deposit on time will result in the room hire being cancelled.

Cancellation policy

  • One or more week's notice : no cancellation fee. Any hire fees paid will be fully refunded.
  • Less than one week's notice : $50 cancellation fee.

Refund policy

Where PAW Media is unable to provide the hired services due to negligence on its part (for example, computers not available, room unclean, room trashed night before hire) any paid hire fees will be fully refunded. PAW Media is not liable for payments to the hirer in compensation for its own losses, but will endeavour to find alternative accommodation for the activity.

Where the room is unable to be used on any given day or part day of the hire period due to conditions outside of PAW Media's control (for example, Internet access goes down, electricity outage) PAW Media will negotiate a partial refund of hire fees.

Call out fee

PAW Media will charge a call-out fee of $50 if a PAW Media staff member is called out after business hours to enable the hirer to gain access to the room to recover forgotten equipment or personal items.


Hirers are to indemnify PAW Media against any claims for:

  • Injury to participants in the activity as caused by trainer or faciliator negligence or where fighting breaks out between participants
  • Damage to equipment brought in by the hirer