Our refunds policy

We will provide refunds where an item is:

  1. Damaged in transit due to inadequate packaging by PAW Media.
  2. Faulty - for example in case of DVDs and CDs the item is unable to be played on a player appropriate to the type of media, or in the case of Clothing where there is a fault in the weave or image that is not part of the design characteristics of the item.

We do not provide refunds where:

  1. You change your mind and no longer want the item.
  2. The item does not play on your player due to a mismatch of the media and the player (please note that all our DVDs are PAL Region 4, unless otherwise noted).
  3. For clothing you choose the wrong size (please note sizes given for each item).
  4. The item is an unwanted gift.
  5. The item is damaged by the postal company.

Requesting a refund

Please email us in the first instance to discuss the reason for a refund request. Where an item is unplayable in the case of CDs and DVDs, or faulty in the case of clothing, we will generally ask you to return the item (postage to be marked as payable by addressee)  with a note describing the problem.