Technical Support

PAW Media is funded to provide technical support for radio. These facilities are not owned or maintained by broadcasters, and are the responsibility of local council authorities. Due to the remoteness of PAW Media communities, the provision of a regular maintenance and repair service is vital for communities.

We contract a specialist provider to make 2 maintenance visits a year to each of our 14 communities and to 5 outstations. In addition we deliver a front-line support service if problems arise.

Simple problems can often be fixed by phone. Where a site visit is needed, we liase with our specialist provider on the problem and to set up a site visit. We maintain an online Help Desk system to track jobs and their progress.

PAW Media also provides licencing support to Councils as needed, and manages all the Central Desert Shire licencing. Over 70 licences are held across the PAW Media area for radio and TV.

Contact us for more information or to report a problem.

FM PAW Radio frequencies in our communities are as follows: 

Ali Curung: 103.7 | Engawala: 102.7 | Imangara: 102.9 | Kintore: 104.5 | Lajamanu: 102.9 | Laramba: 102.9 | Mt Liebig: 106.1 | Nyirripi: 102.9 | Ti Tree Six Mile: 107.7 | Ti Tree Station: 107.7 | Wilora: 100.9 | Willowra 106.1 | Yuelamu: 102.5 | Yuendumu: 102.9