Yapa kurlangu linpa. Yapa kurlangu ngurungka nyampurla!

PAW Radio is all about celebrating everyday life in remote Central Australia. We aim to keep our communities connected, entertained and informed. PAW Radio is a platform for sharing local language, local music and local stories.

The PAW Radio Network is heard in 14 communities across 450,000 square kilometres, with 10 radio studios linking through our Yuendumu radio hub. We also stream online and on the VAST Satellite Channel 918.

We broadcast live request shows, feature stories, documentaries, oral histories, news and information campaigns. 

Warning: this website may contain the voices and images of deceased Aboriginal persons. Aboriginal viewers should exercise care in viewing and listening to the content.

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Sandridge Band Interview

05.01pm 14 September 2012

The Sandridge Band call NT's Boroloola home.

They...... CONTINUED »

Nyiyaku Kanparla Warrirni

10.55am 12 September 2012


Reggae Dave and Desert Mulga Band play live!

10.47am 21 August 2012

Reggae Asera, affectionately known as "Reggae Dave"...... CONTINUED »

Interview with Jimmie Langdon of UPC Living Water

01.37pm 05 April 2011

Interview by Esau Marshall with Jimmie Langdon of the...... CONTINUED »

Central Reggae Band Interview

03.23pm 14 September 2012

The Central Reggae Band hail from the APY Lands in South...... CONTINUED »

Stop Domestic Violence Community Service announcement

06.40pm 05 April 2011

"Dramatic" information piece for the radio campaign....... CONTINUED »

Blackstone Band Interview

04.14pm 14 September 2012

The Blackstone Band come from Blackstone (Papulankutja)...... CONTINUED »

Francis Kelly interviews Bess Price, CLP candidate for Stuart in the 2012 NT Elections

12.12pm 17 August 2012

The count down to the Northern Territory’s August 25...... CONTINUED »

Warren H Williams Interview

05.41pm 14 September 2012

Country music star Warren H Williams was the 2012 Bush...... CONTINUED »


04.50pm 15 November 2010

Story about the blue tongue lizard
Blue...... CONTINUED »

Francis Kelly interviews Karl Hampton, Labor member for Stuart standing for the 2012 NT election

12.10pm 17 August 2012

The count down to the Northern Territory’s August 25...... CONTINUED »

Irrunytju Band Interview

03.46pm 14 September 2012

The Irrunytju Band come from the small community of...... CONTINUED »

Stop Domestic Violence CSA - Night Patrol

06.45pm 05 April 2011

Community service announcement about the role of the...... CONTINUED »

Desert Mulga Band Interview

04.27pm 13 September 2012

The Desert Mulga Band is local favourite with PAW Radio...... CONTINUED »

Sunshine Reggae Interview

05.19pm 14 September 2012

The legendary Sunshine Reggae come from Haasts Bluff,...... CONTINUED »

Milpirri Festival Interview

12.57pm 20 September 2012

Lajamanu performers of all ages are getting ready for...... CONTINUED »

Warnayarra kurlu

05.06pm 15 November 2010

The Giant Water Snake
A long time ago the...... CONTINUED »

Brad Dick Interview

12.59pm 11 February 2013

West Coast Eagles player Brad Dick travelled all the way...... CONTINUED »

Wampana Band Interview

06.41pm 30 September 2013

Wampana Band is an up and coming Warlpiri band from...... CONTINUED »

Purlapa Manu Jukurrpa

09.33am 12 September 2012


Rev Dr Gondarra interview with Harry Nelson

06.01pm 27 June 2011

Yuendumu resident Harry Nelson and Rev Dr Djiniyini...... CONTINUED »

When the cattle came : stories from Aboriginal stockman of Central Australia

11.07pm 27 September 2011

PAW Media's 2011 radio documentary on the stories of...... CONTINUED »

Stop Domestic Violence CSA - Mt Theo counselling service

06.44pm 05 April 2011

Community service announcement about the role and...... CONTINUED »

Derick Wanganeen Interview

12.59pm 11 February 2013

The Yuendumu community was excited to meet AFL player...... CONTINUED »

Liam Patrick Interview

12.19pm 20 September 2012

The "Lajamanu Lightening Bolt" dropped into the studios...... CONTINUED »

Interview with Tess Ross of the Yuendumu Baptist Church

12.38pm 05 April 2011

Interview by Esau Marshall with Tess Ross of the Baptist...... CONTINUED »

South East Desert Metal Interview

04.44pm 14 September 2012

South East Desert Metal are based in Santa Teresa, about...... CONTINUED »

Starlady Interview

05.52pm 19 December 2013

Everyone knows when Starlady is in town!

She talks...... CONTINUED »

David Spry Band Interview

02.55pm 30 April 2013

Darwin Roots/Reggae band David Spry and the Moral High...... CONTINUED »

Warna Kurlu

04.51pm 15 November 2010

Story about the snake
On a hill there was a...... CONTINUED »

Francis Kelly interviews Maurie Ryan, First Nations candidate for the Stuart electorate in the 2012 NT Election

12.16pm 17 August 2012

The count down to the Northern Territory’s August 25...... CONTINUED »

Stop Domestic Violence CSA - Police

06.47pm 05 April 2011

Community service announcement about the role of the...... CONTINUED »

When We Walked: Irritilatju Tjina Anangi

11.17am 19 May 2014

This radio documentary was recorded by PAW Media over 10...... CONTINUED »

Interview with "The Black Olive"

11.19am 12 October 2012

Celebrity chef Mark Olive, aka ‘The Black Olive”, is...... CONTINUED »

Interview with Robert Robertson of the Assembly of God

12.53pm 05 April 2011

Interview by Esau Marshall with Robert Robertson of the...... CONTINUED »

Running Water Band Interview

11.02am 01 October 2013

Dennis Charles talks to popular Kintore musicians...... CONTINUED »

Allen Christensen Interview

12.59pm 11 February 2013

AFL player Allen Christensen is one of Geelong's top...... CONTINUED »

Stop Domestic Violence CSA - Women's Safe House

06.48pm 05 April 2011

Community service announcement on the role and services...... CONTINUED »

Hallelujah : the gospel according to Yuendumu

10.21am 07 May 2011

55 minute radio documentary played over the PAW Radio...... CONTINUED »

Stop Domestic Violence CSA - Cooling Off Service

06.43pm 05 April 2011

Community service announcement about the role and...... CONTINUED »

Otto Jungarrayi Sims talks about South Korea

06.54pm 17 July 2014

Yuendumu artist and community leader Otto Jungarrayi...... CONTINUED »

Jinji warnu rdukurduku tirirtiri kirli

04.38pm 15 November 2010

Story of the Crimson Chat
In the Dreamtime,...... CONTINUED »

Sammy Butcher Interview

06.08pm 14 September 2012

Sammy Butcher, of Warumpi Band fame, is a strong mentor...... CONTINUED »

Eastern Reggae Interview

10.03am 01 October 2013

PAW's Dennis Charles talks to the Eastern Reggae Band at...... CONTINUED »

Yajarlu kurlu

05.11pm 15 November 2010

Story about two mothers and their babies

Sammy Butcher interview

10.43am 05 December 2014

PAW Radio broadcaster Esau Marshall interviews Papunya...... CONTINUED »

Nabarlek Band Interview

01.44pm 30 September 2013

PAW Broadcaster Dennis Charles talks to Terrah Guymula,...... CONTINUED »

Radio News

19 May 2014

New Radio Documentary

PAW Media is proud to present our latest radio documentary 'When We Walked: Irritilatju Tjina Anangi'. The documentary was...... DETAILS »

02 Sep 2013

Engawala On Air

For a small community, Engawala has a lot of radio talent! During radio training last week, trainees wasted no time before...... DETAILS »

21 Jul 2013

Youth Radio Training and NAIDOC Concert

PAW has just wrapped up a week of youth radio training in Yuendumu. Half a dozen participants learned the ins and outs of...... DETAILS »

11 Jun 2013

New voices on PAW Radio

Heard some different voices on PAW Radio lately? Our newest broadcasters are Adam Gallagher (Yuendumu) and Elsin Stafford...... DETAILS »

12 Oct 2012

New radio talent in Willowra

Congratulations to our latest radio training graduates from Willowra – we’ve been really impressed by your...... DETAILS »

27 Sep 2012

Jaku Manu Patu radio documentary selected for Imaginenative 2012

PAW's stockmen radio documentary has been accepted into Imaginenative, the prestigious Canadian film and media arts...... DETAILS »

16 Aug 2012

Engawala RIBS gets commissioned

Engawala - our newest radio station! We've just done the test hookup into the PAW Radio network and all good. We'll be...... DETAILS »

04 Jul 2012

PAW Media's new radio documentary gets going

 The crew are gathering at Yuendumu to prepare for PAW Media's new radio documentary. We're working with Alice Springs'...... DETAILS »

21 Jun 2012

PAW Media is walking

PAW Media is starting on its next radio documentary joining in with the Waltja organised walk from Mt Liebig to Haasts...... DETAILS »

17 Apr 2012

Dennis Charles recognised at NT Young Achiever Awards

Congratulations to PAW Media Worker Dennis Charles who was awarded two finalist certificates at the recent NT Young Achiever...... DETAILS »

28 Mar 2012

Curtis Fry awarded certificate for radio skills

Curtis Fry has been awarded a certificate recognising his skills in live radio broadcasting. Curtis was successful in...... DETAILS »

26 Mar 2012

Stockmen documentary to air on ABC over Easter

PAW Media's award-winning radio documentary, 'The Coming of the Cattle' will air on ABC Radio National this Easter. ...... DETAILS »

09 Mar 2012

NT Young Achiever Awards 2012

PAW Media is proud to announce that media worker Dennis Charles is a finalist in the NT Young Achiever Awards 2012. Dennis...... DETAILS »

09 Oct 2011

PAW Media's new radio documentary wins Best Radio Documentary Award

"The coming of the cattle" has won the Best Radio Documentary Award at the 13th Remote Indigenous Media Festival. The...... DETAILS »

01 Oct 2011

Stockmen radio documentary now available

PAW Media's latest radio documentary on the stories of the stockmen of Central Australia has been completed. Called ...... DETAILS »

28 Jun 2011

Radio training in Sydney

PAW broadcasters Esau Marshall, Norbert Morris and Dennis Charles have completed a three day radio presentation course at...... DETAILS »

31 May 2011

Talking story on the Nyirrpi Road

PAW Radio has been out recording again this week. This time, PAW's Elizabeth Napaljarri Katakarinja recorded senior Yuendumu...... DETAILS »

14 Apr 2011

PAW radio draws a crowd at Nyirrpi

PAW Radio is on the move, travelling to communities in our broadcast area over the next few months.This week we set up our...... DETAILS »

14 Nov 2010

Hallelujah radio documentary website wins award

PAW Media's recently completed radio documentary on gospel at Yuendumu, provided us with so much content that we decided to...... DETAILS »