Summary of Feasibility Study for a Culture and Language Centre now available

09 May 2011

A summary of the Feasibility Study for a Culture and Language Centre has now been completed for circulation and use with funding bodies to gain funding for our next stage - development of a Business Plan. It can be downloaded from our Documents page .

The Feasibillity Study for the Warlpiri and Anmatyerr Language and Culture Centre at Yuendumu was completed in December 2010. The idea for a Culture and Language Centre was borne from two essential elements – opportunity and need.

The opportunity is represented by the wealth of cultural knowledge and material collected in Yuendumu over many years. The need is for a focal point through which this material can be brought back to its people to sustain and renew their culture, as well as for the more general desire for a place of meeting and learning.

The proposal for the Culture and Language Centre is about giving a physical heart to a community that is already culturally strong and socially mature but which lacks one place where all the disparate elements of that culture – story, dance, language, history, artefacts, photographs, music and film – can be brought together under one roof.

It’s about creating a space where local people can stay in touch with their culture and visitors can experience it too.

It’s about bringing people together while allowing individuals to study the culture and language in a place where every resource is available, literally, at their fingertips.

The Culture and Language Centre will use the most modern technologies – such as the internet, audio-visual facilities and interactive displays – to bring together thousands of years of culture into the one spot. Present day technologies will bring the past to life and sustain and maintain it for the future.

The Culture and Language Centre will bring individuals and families together to make Yuendumu a stronger community.


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