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PAW Language and Culture Space Officially Opened

04 May 2018

PAW Media staff officially opened our refurbished PAW Language & Culture Space, as the final event in WYDAC’s Year of Life Long Learning Celebrations on 3rd May 2018. Jennifer Baarda, our Warlpiri Media Worker and inDigiMOB Mentor, recorded video and audio of the day’s activities. The Space was opened by Simon Japangardi Fisher, PAW Media’s Senior Warlpiri Cultural Officer and Archivist. “This is an important day for us.” He said, “Now we have a place to show our children their heritage.” Guests included Yuendumu School...  CONTINUED »

Archival photographs shown at Yuendumu Sports Weekend

07 August 2011

A large crowd gathered at the PAW Media compound to look at a special showing of archival photographs from Yuendumu. Shown on our large outdoor screen the audience was excited to see photographs from the 1930s through to the early 2000s. Ceremony, families, infrastructure developments, daily life were all portrayed through the photos. Thanks to funding under the NT Centenary Grants we have been able to prepare the photos for ongoing viewing on the public access computers at Yuendumu's "Big Shop".  We will be putting some of the photos on our Archive page of this...  CONTINUED »

NT Centenary Grant received by PAW Media

19 June 2011

PAW Media has received a small grant from the NT Centenary Grants program.  The Centenary of the Northern Territory will be commemorated throughout 2011. The NT Department of the Chief Minister’s 2011 Centenary Grants Program aims to encourage local community groups and organisations to organise events that provide opportunities in which members of the community can participate to commemorate the Centenary. PAW Media will be preparing photos from its Archive and from donations to set up a photographic event at the annual Yuendumu Sports Weekend, and will...  CONTINUED »

Summary of Feasibility Study for a Culture and Language Centre now available

09 May 2011

A summary of the Feasibility Study for a Culture and Language Centre has now been completed for circulation and use with funding bodies to gain funding for our next stage - development of a Business Plan. It can be downloaded from our Documents page .The Feasibillity Study for the Warlpiri and Anmatyerr Language and Culture Centre at Yuendumu was completed in December 2010. The idea for a Culture and Language Centre was borne from two essential elements – opportunity and need. The opportunity is represented by the wealth of cultural knowledge and material...  CONTINUED »

Feasibility Study completed

07 March 2011

The Feasibillity Study for the Warlpiri and Anmatyerr Language and Culture Centre was completed in December 2010, and has now been presented to the funding body. A summary is currently in development for circulation and use with funding bodies.The key findings of the study are:1. Support for the Centre There was universal support for the Centre. The Centre was seen as a way of bringing the PAW Media Archive into a properly managed community access centre as well as expanding the opportunities for  2. Services identified for the Centre Some of these services...  CONTINUED »

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