1. PAW Media website protocols

Deceased content warning

This website may contain the voices and images of deceased Aboriginal persons. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers should exercise care in viewing and listening to the content.

If you have any concerns about the content please contact PAW Media and Communications on 08 8956 4024.

Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property

The stories and information portrayed on this website are the cultural and intellectual property of the storytellers reproduced here with the permission of the storytellers. No permission is implied or given for downloading, copying, adaptation, or any other use by any other person or groups.

There are strong and long standing protocols about the use of images, voices and the telling of stories and jukurrpa that are important for the Aboriginal people of these lands. Please respect those protocols by not downloading media for the purposes of:

  1. Commercial interests
  2. Mash ups
  3. Public viewing without permission

2. Protocols used for PAW Media's radio and video productions

3. Yuendumu Media Protocol