Jukurrpa is a Central Australian Aboriginal term used to mean the laws and protocols set by the ancestral beings who created the world. People sometimes use the word dreaming in place of Jukurrpa. Jukurrpa describes people's relationship to place, to each other, to plants and to animals, and the proper ways of interacting with these relationships. Jukurrpa is also the stories of the ancestral beings and how they shaped and created the world.

Skin name

Skin names establish kinship relationships and the obligations, responsibilities, prohibitions and avoidances associated with those relationships. Skin names identify a person's responsibilities to place, they establish the persons who are owners of a place, and those who have guardian relationships to place. Skin names also establish who are the right marriage partners, that is who is right skin and who is wrong skin.


Yapa is the generic term used for Central Australian desert Aboriginal people. Loosely translated it means the people, or people who have belonging. Equivalent terms are Yolgnu in the Top End of the Northern Territory, and Anangu in the Pitjantjara lands of South Australia. It is similar to the use of Koori on the east coast of Australia.


Kardiya is the generic term used for non-Aboriginal people.