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PAW-rluju-ka mardarni nyurru-warnu patu Pitiyawu ngulalu-palu ngurrju-manu Kamparrurlu. Nyampuju ngulajuka nganpa martu-purru nguna nganimpaku Warlpiri-ki, Pintupi-ki manu Anmatjirri-ki Archive-la.

The Warlpiri Media Archive is a collection of analog video productions made by Warlpiri Media between 1983 and the late 1990s. It has been maintained since 1983 as a vital record of the Jukurrpa and languages of Warlpiri, Anmatyerr and Pintubi people.

Warning: this website may contain the voices and images of deceased Aboriginal persons. Aboriginal viewers should exercise care in viewing and listening to the content.


Coniston Trouble

11.29pm 10 March 2011

Darby Jampijinpa Ross talks about the Coniston Massacre...... CONTINUED »


11.28pm 10 March 2011

Darby Jampijinpa Ross... CONTINUED »

Country can't cry

11.30pm 10 March 2011

Darby Jampijinpa Ross... CONTINUED »

History of Warlpiri Media

10.43pm 16 March 2011

Interview with Francis Kelly and Kurt Granites on the...... CONTINUED »


Archive News

04 May 2018

PAW Language and Culture Space Officially Opened

PAW Media staff officially opened our refurbished PAW Language & Culture Space, as the final event in WYDAC’s Year...... DETAILS »

07 Aug 2011

Archival photographs shown at Yuendumu Sports Weekend

A large crowd gathered at the PAW Media compound to look at a special showing of archival photographs from Yuendumu. Shown...... DETAILS »

19 Jun 2011

NT Centenary Grant received by PAW Media

PAW Media has received a small grant from the NT Centenary Grants program.  The Centenary of the Northern Territory...... DETAILS »

09 May 2011

Summary of Feasibility Study for a Culture and Language Centre now available

A summary of the Feasibility Study for a Culture and Language Centre has now been completed for circulation and use with...... DETAILS »

07 Mar 2011

Feasibility Study completed

The Feasibillity Study for the Warlpiri and Anmatyerr Language and Culture Centre was completed in December 2010, and has...... DETAILS »

14 Nov 2010

Language and Culture Centre feasibility study

PAW Media has received Granites Mines Affected Area Aboriginal Corporation funding for a feasibility study into the...... DETAILS »