AFTRS Radio Training

Begins: 21 June 2011         Ends 23 June 2011


AFTRS Radio Training Three of PAW Media's radio staff are off to Sydney to participate in AFTRS Radio Refresher training thanks to AFTRS Indigenous Program . They'll be training alongside Gadigal/Koori radio broadcasters.

Here's what they'll be covering:

Session 1:

Aim: The aim of this session is to give all students an understanding of:

  • The different sectors and formats in the radio industry
  • The changing radio landscape
  • Your audience and what they want to hear
Objectives: At the end of the session students should be able to:

  • Identify the 3 main sectors in the radio industry
  • Discuss the potential impact of new technologies and trends
  • Discuss the merits and challenges of a variety of radio programming formats
  • Identify program’s primary and secondary audiences and content that will connect with their audience
Session 2:

Aim: To give all students an introduction to and an understanding of:

  • Vocal & Mic techniques for compelling presentation
  • How to effectively structure a voice break
  • The concept of radio as a one to one medium
  • Choosing approaches and selecting angles when presenting program content
  • Effective on air presentation techniques
At the end of this session students should be able to:

  • Structure a voice break incorporating all required station elements and program content
  • Writing for the radio medium, the idea of “write as you speak”
  • Communicate information, experiences or opinions clearly and succinctly