30 yiya-Jangka-rla Kardu manu nalu media yapa kurlangu nyampurla Yurntumu-rla.

For 30 years, we've been creating TV, radio and music in the remote Aboriginal community of Yuendumu. Working with local people in language and according to local cultural protocols we create unique Aboriginal media productions.

Latest News

First Live Broadcast of Yuendumu Sports Weekend

06 August 2014

PAW Media & Communications in partnership with Indigenous Community Television Limited (ICTV) live broadcast of Yuendumu Sports Weekend over the last four day has been a resounding success.Over the weekend audiences from around remote Australia were...CONTINUED »



Nganimpa Nyangu Yimi: 30 Years of Warlpiri Media (Radio Documentary)

In remote Indigenous communities across Central Australia, local media is a big part of daily life. Audiences tune in to local radio and TV for language, music, information, stories and a media style that is unique to their own community. Dennis...